Disinfection monitoring:

Most disinfection devices on systems manufactured by the Turner Company use tablet chlorination. The photo above shows the typical tablet chlorinator setup. In the last tank, there will be a white, 4” PVC pipe with a translucent blue tube. This is the chlorinator. Pull it out and add 3-4 chlorine tablets and check it monthly.

Chlorine usage depends directly on water usage. If you use more water, then you will use more chlorine. If you check at a month and the chlorine has been totally used up, add some more and check it at 2 weeks. Over time you will learn your individual schedule based on your usage.

Pro Chlor Tablets

Commonly available at Home Depot locations

Norweco Tablets

Commonly available at Lowes locations

Septic Fit Tablets

Commonly available at smaller retailers such as ACE Hardware