Routine Aerobic Inspection

The Texas Comission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires that aerobic systems be inspected routinely to ensure that they are operating correctly. WasteNot Septic has trained technicians that perform this service as part of our Inspection Service Contract. The contract is a one year period, and WasteNot Septic will add chlorine to the system on each inspection for an additional fee.

A typical inspection consists of visual and physical inspections of the system components. The technician will check the aerator and clean the air filter, check audible and visual alarm function at the box and the circuitry in the tank. He will check to make sure that the pump is spraying as it should be and that the sprinklers are distributing the water correctly. He will check for odors in the tank to ensure that the aerobic treatment process is happening and that there is chlorine available in the disinfection device. He will also take a core sample of the pump tank to determine the sludge level. He will recommend pumping the tanks at 6-8" of sludge to keep the pump from becoming clogged. He will secure the lids and note any deficiencies/needed repairs on a door tag that will be left in an easily visible location.