Aerobic System Installation

An aerobic treatment unit or ATU, is a small-scale sewage treatment system. Different than a traditional septic system, the ATU uses the aerobic process for digestion rather than just the anaerobic process used in conventional systems. These systems are commonly found in areas where public sewers are not available and may be used for a single residence or for a small group of homes. Unlike the conventional septic system, the aerobic system produces a high-quality secondary effluent, which can be sterilized and used for surface irrigation. Most aerobic systems have three tanks (the aerobic tank is two compartments connected at the bottom) and an aerobic system should have an access port (riser) to each tank. Some systems do not have a riser to the trash tank, which means that it will be necessary to dig and access the tank when a pump out is required. The images below show a typical aerobic install.

Prepared hole

Tanks Being Set

Installed Tank